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At the turn of the last century, Blessed James Alberione, founder of the Daughters of St. Paul and the entire Pauline Family, observed the power of the press and of newspapers to reach and move the masses. People who were leaving the Church in ever increasing numbers, could be powerfully influenced by what they read. He wanted to put these same means at the service of the Gospel. He saw the mission of communication in the Church not as a "business," but as "preaching," as an exercise of the ministry of salvation.

What makes our “publishing” to be “preaching”? Alberione often told us that our mission was a written “preaching” alongside the oral preaching of priests. Our books, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, radio programs, facebook pages, blogs, YouTube videos, apps and e-books are places where people can encounter the God who is forever seeking them out. Alberione told his followers to leave the sacristies and to go out where people live their lives and to make God present there. He believed that saints were needed to tread this new path of holiness and mission in the Church. He declared: “Missionaries are needed–new missionaries for this new and fruitful apostolate!”

If St. Paul were to come to earth today, he would immediately take up a microphone, begin podcasting, create a facebook page, publish books and create apps—because he would want to use the fastest, most efficacious ways of reaching the largest number of people with the message of God’s incredible love for us shining on the face of Christ.

Ask any Daughter of St. Paul why she entered the community, and the answers will be as varied as the women you ask. At the heart of each response, however, will be an absolute dedication to evangelization, to bringing the hope of the Gospel to today's world with the fastest and most effective means possible, the means of communication.

The Daughters of St. Paul are a community of vowed women religious who dedicate their lives to sharing the mystery of Christ's love with the people of today through the media. God has chosen, called, and consecrated each Daughter of St. Paul to himself so that he might send her to proclaim the Good News of a loving God who sends his Son into a world that is desperate for hope.

Our world has become a global media network that overwhelms us with information but often leaves us empty and longing for more: for love, hope, meaning, and connection. As communicators of Christ, immersed in the culture of communication, the Daughters of St. Paul offer the Gospel to all people as the way to find the "ultimate Connection" -- an encounter with Christ that will not only fill them with hope, but transform them so that they too can be Christ's love, peace, and justice in the world. 

The sisters are active in all forms of media, from traditional publications to e-books, TV to social media, and the internet to mobile apps -- working in the areas of writing, publishing, recording and broadcasting, screen-writing, media literacy, vocation ministry, as well as offering seminars and workshops. They operate 14 Pauline Book and Media Centres throughout the U.S. and English-speaking Canada.

Our Toronto Presence

The Daughters of St. Paul have been in Toronto since 1956, living on St. Clair Avenue prior to our current location on Dufferin Street in 1969. In 1989 the twin concerns of vocational formation and furtherance of the mission prompted the Sisters in Toronto and U.S. to merge, creating the province of the United States and English-Speaking Canada.

Toronto serves as the Canadian distribution centre for the publications of the Daughters of St. Paul and the Society of St. Paul, our male branch. After many years of intense pastoral work for vocations, this community effort has borne fruit as young women seek admission to the community from Canada and have made their profession of vows.


In this era of global communication, with all its limitations and new opportunities, the Daughters of St. Paul continue to live the charismatic gift of Blessed James Alberione to the Church: "We must always lead others to heaven: not people who lived ten centuries ago but those who live today. We must take the world and people as they are today so as to do good today" (ATP n. 93).

The Congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul is one of the 10 institutes that make up the Pauline Family, founded by Blessed James Alberione with the collaboration of Mother Thecla Merlo. In the archdiocese of Toronto, the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, the Pauline Cooperators, the Institute of Mary Most Holy of the Annunciation, and the Institute of the Holy Family are also present.